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Oracle ADB & AWS Administration

AWS Auora
Oracle Autonomous Database
OCI Kubernetes Engine
Gitlab CI/CD
OCI Functions
OCI Load Balancer

Project goal:

  • Migrate cloud database from AWS Aurora (mysql) to OCI Autonomous Database (Oracle)
  • Migrate CodeIgniter PHP framework application from single-node installation to OCI Kubernetes Engine
  • Assist development team with adoption of mysql-based application with Oracle database
  • Setup CI/CD pipeline
  • Configure monitoring
  • Implement cloud security best practises
  • Implement database cloning automation
  • Implement Kubernetes scaling automation


  • Database model migrated from mysql to Oracle engine
  • Application adopted for OCI Kubernets Engine
  • High-availability and seamless deployment process established
  • Continous development achieved with cloning automations

Project Team:

  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Senior DBA
  • Senior DevOps Engineer


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600 hr

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Alex is one of the best Oracle DBA’s I have worked with. Excellent communication skills, it was great to wirk with UCGP Consult.

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We can recommend Upgrade Consulting without any restrictions. They are, without any question, a shining star among the Oracle DBAs on the market.

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